Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc requires Grade “A” Solar Cells. that have been electroluminescence tested. In addition all assembled solar panels must be  flash test to insure positive power output over name plate rating and finally U.L. and CE certified.  Our solar power quality standards requirements have never been influenced by competition (B or C solar panels / none certified) , as our goal is  to provide business sustainability for our partners (dealers) and consumer confidence.  As required by the state of Texas, Renewable Energy Distribution, Design, and Solar / Wind Installation by  Licensed Electrical Contractors provides consumers with value and secure investments.

Solar Panel Warranty:

Even when the price of Solar Cells was twice what it is today, our company has only sold U.L. Certified Utility Grade Solar Panels for Small Business Solar Power Projects and Residential Solar Energy Installations. They come with a  25-Year MFG Performance Guarantee and a 40-Year Predicted Life Span. We have leveraged our market position to acquire the highest quality and guarantee the best prices.


 25-YEAR Solar Performance Guarantee

√ 10 -YEAR Solar Panel Warranty

 15- YEAR Extended Inverter Warranty (Available)

√ U.L. Certified Utility Grade Panels

 35-40-YEAR Design Life

 Licensed Insured Distributor / Installer

 Full Five (5) Year Labor Warranty

√ Expert Site Evaluation

√ Tier One (1) Installation – Professional Racking

 Zero Panel Warranty Calls – Not one call from any of our customers!

 A+ Business Rating

 Over 475 Expert Renewable Energy Installations

√ Financing Available

√ Low Price Guarantee (same quality only)

√ Guaranteed Warranty