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As a leader in the renewable energy industry we want to continue making a difference through our advocate program. As an advocate you will be telling all your friends and family about the benefits of solar and working with one of the leading experts, Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. Simply send us a referral and let us reward you in doing so. At Aztec we rely on word of mouth referrals. With easy access through our referral app on your smartphone, you can earn money right away – simply send us the contact and when it results in a sale, you earn the reward in the amount of a $500 payment. Download our app now and simply enter the referrals information. Aztec will instantly be notified. The app will send you notifications of the scheduled sales appointment, the construction date of the project and will fund you through the app upon completion of that project. Sign up now- what do you have to lose?


Convert a utility bill into a high yielding investment with 0 down, no payments for 60 days and almost enough cash back to cover the payments for 18 months! It gets even better! Uncle Sam offers an additional 26% Tax credit! In most cases these adds up to over 11K in total incentives.
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Now that you own solar leverage your experience and become an Aztec Solar Advocator. Download our app called 1SolarExpert / Aztec Renewable Energy. We pay $500 for each lead that signs a contract. Our app will show you when the appointment is set and if the contract closed. If you become a solar expert and can get contracts signed, the commission Quadruples

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