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What is the wind speed (Wind Map) in my area?

The next step after qualifying your renewable energy site, is to evaluate wind speeds and determine tower height. The wind maps below can suggest area wind, but it’s not site specific (IE: in-town vs. hay field or large body of water). There are many surface attributes that can increase or decrease wind speeds at your specific property.

Examples of wind power Classes:

Wind Power Class 1 at 30′ = 10 MPH annual average.

Have you ever experienced wind speed at the top of a building? The U.S. Department of Energy chart below shows a 40% increase of wind speed at 60′. Schedule your site evaluation today, we can customize wind turbines to match your site conditions, budget and energy requirements.

If your wind speed is less than 16 MPH, check out Solar Power!

Recommended wind map requirements for small wind turbines

  • Average Annual Wind Speed: =>16 MPH @ 60′
  • Tower Height: 60′ Minimum, 80′ or greater recommended (depending on site conditions and wind class) wind speed increases with taller towers
  • Site Conditions: One acre or more clear, unobstructed and 200′ from house. Turbine blades should be 20-30′ above obstructions with-in 300′ of prevailing winds. Some sites my require taller towers.

Additional Data Sources: The Old Farmers Almanac , NOAA.gov, City Data, Weather Bug


Source: U.S. Department of Energy.


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