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Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. installs utility grade solar power systems for residential and commercial use. We are dedicated to high quality and high performance installations. Contact Us for a free quote. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. can professionally mount solar power systems on a roof, pole, carport, arbor, pavilion or ground mounts. We offer the best price, performance and warranty in the market.

Low Price Guaranteed for Certified Solar Panels

Aztec Uses Certified Solar Panels that are A-Class Panels

Aztec solar panels are utility grade with 35 to 40-year design life. These panels have high PTC and efficiency ratings. Aztec solar panels are certified, CE listed and have performance warranties.

Aztec Solar Power Panels come with Certified Warranties.

Solar panel classification has nothing to do with the brand. The silicon manufacturing process, distribution ethics, current competition and the economy is what the solar photovoltaic market will always have to produce three type classifications. Our full five-year warranty covers Certified panels.

  • 25-30-YEAR MFG Solar Performance Guarantee
  • 10-20 -YEAR MFG Solar Panel Warranty
  • 15- YEAR Extended Inverter Warranty (Available)
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  • Certified Solar Panels
  • 35-40-YEAR Design Life
  • Full Five (5) Year Labor Warranty
  • Tier One (1) Installation – Professional Racking

High-Quality Product, Installation, and Performance

Solar Photovoltaic‘s (PV): 35-100 Yr design life, hail resistant, Certified and CE Certified. Solar power systems can be off-grid with batteries or grid connected with no batteries. When grid-connected, the power collected during the day spins your meter backward and at night the power company provides energy credits. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. can professionally mount solar power systems on a roof, pole, carport, arbor, pavilion or ground mounts. Our system installations are professional and designed to last beyond the life of the solar equipment.

We Pass the Savings onto You!

WeSolar Power – Save Money leverage container purchases to drive down the price of tier one utility grade panels (not found in shopping carts) with REAL performance Guarantees. These panels are sold to insured, licensed electrical contractors with solar training, full-time renewable energy business plans, and successful installations. Why is this important? Best Price, Best Performance, and REAL Warranty.

Please send us your requirements or schedule your FREE Energy Reduction Plan and Renewable Energy Design. Our combined solutions often provide a 3-6 year return on investment. After that… it’s free power!

B & C Class Often Misrepresented as A-Class Panels

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) prices are down 60% – Durable (25 Yr Performance Warranty) Modular (add more panels) & Very Safe

B & C Class are often represented as A class for premium dollars. They have a higher failure rate in the 1st to 5th year of use, caused by thermal cracks and wafer slicing. They are often hidden by brand name (shopping cart brands), distributed to unlicensed electrical contractors, new branding companies, do-it-yourself markets and inexperienced CEO’s (high company failure rates). Many installers have won jobs using this class but often go out of business. This class gave solar a bad name and thrives on market churn or highly skilled homeowners. No real dealer warranty, high service factor, and maintenance cost. The internet has many horror stories to read about.

Why does this market exist? Growing crystals and wafer slicing is an inconsistent process with varying results. If you buy from second-tier distribution, start-up companies, companies with less than 5-years experience, or distributors with high dealer turn over then you may not have a warranty. This class is best suited for underdeveloped countries, do-it-yourself installations, and maintenance, or in markets with high volume and dense installations that can support the service factor.

The sun comes up every day, we can design systems to collect 24 hours of energy requirements in less than 5 hours while creating credits on your meter for evening use.

Why Renewable Energy? Top Five Factors for Considering Solar or Wind Energy Systems

  • Your home’s resale value increases. Realtors and buyers view solar power home energy systems as a significant value-added improvement, similar to adding a deck. Plus, you can also significantly reduce your power bills.
  • Renewable Energy systems pay you back. Generating your own solar power on-site reduces, or may even eliminate, most of your home’s energy-operating costs. Solar energy can also offset any impacts from potential Utility rate increases.
  • The federal government provides a 30% Solar Power and Wind Energy tax credit as well! The federal tax credit covers 30% of the system cost with No Upper Limit!
  • Your Power company credits you for the excess electricity that is generated. Texas State law permits net metering (Click Here For More Information) so that you can receive credit for any excess electricity you generate. You benefit from reduced, if not eliminated, energy operating costs and utilities benefit from reduced demand on the system.
  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV) technology has advanced. Although solar panels have been around since 1954, solar cells have matured and the marketplace has expanded. Today, solar photovoltaic systems are far more efficient than their predecessors. Most come with a 25-year warranty.

Photovoltaics Solar Panel Energy Has Become the Clear Winner

After 40 years, Solar Photovoltaics (PV) research and development have achieved it’s highest efficiency. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) has finally become affordable to the mainstream population. This has resulted in billions of dollars being invested in new facilities, building today’s established standards for solar panels all over the world. As a result, some older solar companies who have invested in out-dated technology are cutting their losses. Today we provide utility grade panels for home use at 45% less than last year’s prices. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) have a 35-40 year design life and 25 Year MFG Performance Warranty. We buy directly from the factory in volume and are currently seeking newly qualified dealers.

The sun does not need to shine every day, we only need a daily average of 5-6 hours of energy collection to occur within 30 days (power company billing cycle). Today’s solar prices, panel efficiency and energy banking (net-metering / Spin your meter backward!), has made this the best renewable energy investment for maximum energy production. Systems can be sized to collect 24 hrs of energy requirements in less than 5-6 hours. Every site has different opportunities and with over 475 installations (experience), volume purchasing and the most qualified staff in Texas / Oklahoma, we can offer the Best Price, Performance & Warranty Available Today.

  • Professional Grade Designs
  • FREE Commercial Designs
  • Professional Grade Performance
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed* (Utility Grade)
  • Unsecured 15-Year Financing Available



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