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Since 2010 wind power for home owner’s has become costly, while the cost of solar power has reduced significantly thus eroding the economic value of residential wind turbines. Today, solar power can produce 60% more power for the same money spent on wind turbines! This market change has ended the U.S. Department of Energy “Residential Small Wind Turbines”. It has come, gone, doubled in price and resulted in high annual maintenance cost. While the cost of Solar Energy has dropped 80%, produces the same power (spin your meter backwards) as wind turbines for nearly 60% less, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance! No matter how much wind you think you have, affordable solar power for Texas is here!

Wind Turbine Normal Features

  • Tower, Foundation and Wiring
  • Generator
  • Standard 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pitching Blades – utility grade wind turbines enabling production of safe and usable energy at nearly any wind speed.
  • IEC 61400 International Standard | UL Recognized Component RU-E210376 | IEEE 1547 and U.L. 1741
  • Wind turbine have a normal survival wind speed of 123 to 134 MPH.

The average American home consumes about 11,469 KWH per year.* If you consume more than that, we can help! Learn more about site planning and budgeting. We service all of Texas and Oklahoma. * according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Normal Wind Turbine Annual KWH Output Capacities

Estimated Annual Wind Energy Production can vary depending on site conditions, tower height and annual average wind speed.


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Why Choose Aztec Renewable Energy?

The founder of Aztec is the 1999 Renewable Energy Pioneer. He helped transform city building codes, fought power companies and WON! His first installation was on November 2007 and now has installations in nearly every county in Texas. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc has an A+ BBB Rating and 5 Star Reviews! Most importantly, we are NOT an Internet Marketing Company or Sales Organization that's collecting and selling your information while breaking Texas State Law. Aztec License TECL 29509.


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