Step 1: System Size, Pricing and Finance Options

We have two sizing methods available for putting solar in your city: Method:1) Basic evaluation using property size, auxiliary loads (i.e pool pumps) and 10 minute credit approval. Method:2) Professional energy evaluation maximizing your system size, return on investment, property value and internal rate of return. We will need 12 months of KHW utility usage data for this method. If you have commercial properties with multiple meters please provide KWH usage data in advanced by completing this KWH usage form.

More about solar panel installation cost and solar finance options

Step 2: FREE 3-D System Design with our Solar Expert

Must be project READY! (Credit Score >670)
About 30-45 minutes of your time
Contract Review

Step 3: Face-to-Face Contract

Be sure let us know what day you’re available for your FREE site Evaluation, custom design, installation estimate and finance options!  Zero Down 100% financing up to 40K for 20 years (score >670-700).

Credit Requirements  > 670 Free Credit Check
Debt Ratio 45-50%  Calculator: Debt-to-Income Ratio

Charles Crumpley - Solar Power Expert

Solar Power Expert

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1999 Renewable Energy Pioneer


Why Choose Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is key to our low carbon future, reduces cancer cases, birth defects as well as diversifying our energy sources.


Renewable Energy Installations

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