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Aztec Renewa Energy, Inc. launches a new program focused on providing sustainable jobs to your solar city, increased city / state revenue and clean renewable solar energy to your Texas city.

Looking for home solar? Please click here. If you are a city leader and are seeking ways to remove obstacles for solar in your city, we are here to help.

What can your city leader do for your solar city?

  • Execute Texas state laws requiring licensed, experienced solar professionals to advertise solar installations on Google, Bing, Email TV, or Billboards, thus protecting homeowners from national marketing companies and unlicensed solar manufacturer dealer listings.
  • Keep it in Texas – Do not support national solar companies consuming local incentives like locus (no sustained jobs) and exporting opportunities to other states and blind investors (using underpaid local installers with unverified license and insurance).
  • Set ambitious and achievable goals for citizens and businesses.
  • Lead by example by putting solar on city buildings.
  • Adopt policies to advance solar city power in communities, including business tax incentives, solar-friendly zoning and building codes.
  • Work with state governments to ensure that they have strong solar city programs to expand solar, including renewable energy standards, net metering and community solar programs.
  • Demand a strong partnership with the federal government to ensure that federal incentives such as tax credits are continued. And, that federal programs, such as the Solar America’s Cities and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant programs continue to provide support and technical assistance to cities seeking to expand solar.

Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. can support your solar city with the following:

  • Face-to-Face Solar City Meetings
  • Online Solar City Group Presentations
  • Solar City Ordinances and Examples
  • FREE Solar City 3-D Designs
  • Commercial Solar Financing up to $5,000,000

Please let us know how our Licensed Texas corporation can help bring solar and clean renewable energy to your Texas city.



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