Solar Panel For Homes

Looking for great solar panels for your home? Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc provides utility grade solar panels for home use. We are statewide designers / installers servicing the entire states of Texas and Oklahoma. We use this volume to negotiate quality control while purchasing directly from solar panel manufacturers and not standard production stock from local distributors. Our entire staff is focused 100% on solar panels for home use,
as a result we have great solar panel reviews and solar experts performing your home solar panel installation. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc provides the best home solar panel price and solar panel performance in Texas with high quality solar panels, inverters and professional installation. If you’re looking for a GREAT investment (converted utility expense) with superior performance, you came to the right place.

Solar Panel Home Quality and Warranty Assurance

  • Texas License Electrical Contractor (not a distributor, manufacturer, shopping cart or manufacturer dealer forced to sell it all )
  • 1999 Solar Power Industry Experience
  • Professional Solar Panel Installations
  • Volume Buying Power (High Quality and Low Price Guarantee)
  • Insurance (provides warranty and survives the life of the corporation)
  • On Staff Master Electrician and Workers Compensation (Required by Texas State Law to Advertise in Texas)
  • 5,10,15 & 20 Year Warranties
  • Statewide Installations in nearly every county of Oklahoma and Texas

Solar Panel Home Installation Types

There are many home installation types for solar panels and all of them have different levels of performance.

  • Composite Roof
  • Metal Roof (Standing Seam | R-Panel)
  • Ground Mount
  • Carport
  • Metal Building

Home Solar Panel Installation | Estimated Performance

Evaluating the potential home solar panel performance of individual properties can be calculate with many variables. While some installation conditions may seem more preferable, it’s important to evaluate the entire system design and overall performance of the system. If you’re looking for some quick math on just annual average sun hours, check out more info on solar power.

#1 Home Solar Panel Performance Factor is Annual Average Sun Hours

Azimuth Sun Hours Degrees
South 5.3 180
South East 5.24 145
South West 5.21 225
West 4.85 270
Northwest 4.44 315
East 4.86 90
South East 5.11 135
North 4.52 0
North East 4.62 45

#2 Home Solar Panel Performance Factor is Estimated System Losses

  • Azimuth – The best performance is 180 degrees South. If you are on acreage, a few more dollars can buy you a carport, patio cover or ground mount.
  • Shading – Roof pitches, chimneys and vent pipes can provide some level of shade during different times of the day. We use micro inverters for obstructed home solar roofs
  • Heat – All solar panels have temperature coefficients as part of their design. However if you can reduce the heat exposure from solar attics or use ground mounts instead, you can increase KWH production.

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Home Solar Panel Equipment

  • Solar Panels – Global solar panel incentives of the past, has created solar panel manufacturing standards like UL 1703 & ULC/ORD-C1703-01. These solar panel standards have reduced the price of solar panels by over 80% with global competition. It also provides performance / safety confidence and eliminates solar panel marketing hype. Today’s monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells come with 25 year manufacturer performance guarantees and a 30-40 year design life.
  • Inverters – Today’s solar inverters have loss weight, gone solid state, are over 97% efficient and come with 10, 15, 20 & 25 year manufacturer warranties.

Solar Panel | Module Efficiency (%)

There is a lot of hype about solar panel module efficiency by manufacturers exploiting buyers lack knowledge. Getting the right solar panels is about price and performance! Our manufacture purchase requirement is no less than 17.3% Cell Efficiency. This is really mostly just a marketing thing, as the efficiency difference just means we use a few more or less feet (often inches) to produce the same monthly KWH target. Since all solar panels have just about the same physical dimensions, module efficiency offers no real value on obstructed roofs. Unless you’re installing solar panels on spacecraft and price is not a factor. Take advance of today’s mass produced standards created by your tax dollars and our governments efforts. Get Started Today!.

Type Approximate Efficiency Module Cover Temperature Coefficient of Power
Standard (crystalline Silicon) 15% Glass -0.47 %/°C
Premium (crystalline Silicon) 19% Anti-reflective -0.35 %/°C
Thin film 10% Glass -0.20 %/°C

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