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Aztec Renewable Energy is dedicated to offering competitive, independent and unbiased energy solutions to with the highest level of integrity. Despite the hype you may read by other distributors or manufactures (out of country), we have the greatest products and lowest prices along with discounted shipping.

Our mission is to reduce hydrocarbon energy production, birth defects, cancer, asthma (the list goes on and on) and improve the quality life. Learn more:US Environmental Protection Agency and AIRNow – Homepage . If you’re on this page for what ever reason, please ask your school board to include “Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Classes” to the curriculum (1-12). Children have high metabolisms and playing out doors during poor air quality warnings and standing in vehicle exhaust fumes (coming and going to school) causes irreversible damage to their organs and the nervous system. When people are educated, renewable energy becomes simple.

There are several ways to get involved

Now Hiring

Why Choose Aztec Renewable Energy?

The founder of Aztec is the 1999 Renewable Energy Pioneer. He helped transform city building codes, fought power companies and WON! His first installation was on November 2007 and now has installations in nearly every county in Texas. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc has an A+ BBB Rating and 5 Star Reviews! Most importantly, we are NOT an Internet Marketing Company or Sales Organization that's collecting and selling your information while breaking Texas State Law. Aztec License TECL 29509.


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