Renewable Energy Trends

This new natural gas power plant, located in Forney, Texas, is just one mile from


Jackrabbit Stadium. (View Google Maps) Power plants should be located away

from population. Unfortunately, the Texas grid is at about 97% capacity. This has forced our federal, state, and city governments into making decisions for

economic growth. Natural gas is cleaner than most hydrocarbon base fuels, but its not pure hydrogen. This pollution cloud is deadly.

City Council Meeting “Approval of Power Plant”

Our government has also offered a 30% federal tax credit for your purchase of Wind Energy or Solar Power. If everyone converted their electric/utility expenses into a small 32K wind or solar investment, we would have clean air and would require no more power plants. Texas is the 5th largest polluter in the world. Imagine no more electric bills and blue skies in Texas!


The nation’s capacity to generate and distribute electricity has not increased in accordance with growing demand. This gap has led to power reliability problems resulting in major blackouts throughout the country. Power outages severely disrupt business operations and result in the loss of significant portions of business inventories.

In general, Energy Trends markets are experiencing high demand and limited supplies, resulting in volatile and soaring prices. The end product will be inflationary pressures that continue to challenge the country’s businesses as they struggle to adjust to the new economic conditions.Source Report by the House Small Business Committee.

The Oil Age we now take for granted began less 150 years ago and could be over in our lifetime.

We use oil’s derivatives — fuel, plastics, feritilizers, food additives — every day in every way. But where did it come from? What exactly is it? How much is there? How has it changed us? THE HISTORY CHANNEL® thoroughly answers these and many other questions in this sweeping journey through the 160-million-year history of CRUDE

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