Residential Solar Power

Residential Solar Power Technology Arrives

In the last 10 years, global solar panel manufacturers have standardized materials, process methodologies, and automation equipment. The resulting effort has created global price wars and an 80% decrease in the cost of residential or home solar power. If you have been waiting for the best solar power technology and lower home solar power prices, it arrived in 2010.

Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. is a high volume, statewide licensed professional and state authorize residential solar advertiser / installer. We provide residential solar power to homes with utility grade U.L.Certified Solar Panels. We do this by purchasing in volume with production line quality standards written directly with solar panel manufacturers.This enables us to pick the highest quality panels directly off the line, control our service factor, provide the highest performance and the lowest price possible. As an experienced residential solar power installer, we found quality control from the production line to your roof to be equally as important as panel specifications. Our solar panel truck load purchasing has eliminated the need to purchase from local distributor stock (no skin in the game) and provided us with the ability to verify actual specifications and performance of each panel prior to being loaded into our trucks. As a result, we do not have to run service calls for damaged or low performing panels. This saves us money and provides you with superior performance.

We can offer solar finance with zero down, positive cash flow (payments made by savings), great return on investment, and improved home value. GET STARTED with the most reliable solar power systems and Solar Power Installation Company in Texas and Oklahoma.

Benefits of Solar Power Homes or Residential

  • Improved residential Value Equal to the Investment
  • Instant Equity from Rebates
  • Convert your Utility Expense (for life) into a Real Investment
  • Avoid the Predicted 37% cost increase of Energy
  • Return on Investment is approximately 6-8 Years
  • Rate of Return is approximately 10.5-22%
  • Improved Public health (breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, and cancer)



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