Jimmy Carter unveils 10 Acres of Solar Panels

jimmy carter solar panels 1979

Former president Jimmy Carter revealing the White House’s first solar panels in 1979 | photo: Jimmy Carter Presidential Library &Museum

In 1979, Jimmy Carter had 32 solar hot water panels installed on the White House to heat water for the family as well as the laundry and cafeteria. His successor, Ronald Reagan, was not a fan of solar and later had them removed. Solar power returned to the White House when President George Bush had them installed on the cabana roof to heat their pool. President Barack Obama then had photovoltaic solar panels installed in 2014. These panels are six times more powerful than the panels installed in 1979.

Back in October, Jimmy Carter leased 10 acres of land to provide solar power to his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Earlier this month, Carter unveiled 3,852 photovoltaic solar panels that are estimated to produce more than 50% of the power the small town consumes regularly.

Solar power has come full circle for our former president. He saw the potential the solar industry could have on the country and we don’t think he will have to worry about anyone tearing it down. Some of Carter’s solar hot water panels are still around today. One can be found at the Smithsonian, another at the Carter Library in Atlanta, Georgia. Source: http://nyti.ms/2m5AWv9