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Solar Panel Site Requirements – Get Started

  • No Batteries Required! Spin your meter backwards used the credits at night!
  • At least 400 square (40 x 10) feet facing South (11% more power), East or West
  • Installation Types: Ground Mount (most popular) Roof, Carports, Arbors and Pavilions.
  • Please call the zoning department for your city permit requirements. Solar installations rarely have a problem!
  • No direct tree or obstruction shading from the East, West or South. Free standing structures can be located where needed and provide increased performance.

Wind Power Site Requirements – Get Started

  • Average Annual Wind Speed: =>16 MPH at 16′ / 18 MPH or greater at 60′ Got Wind?
  • Property is greater than 3-5 acre and is unobstructed
  • Tower Height: 60′ or greater recommended (depending on site conditions and wind class) wind speed increases with taller towers.
  • Unobstructed and none turbulent wind energy at blade height. Bottom of blades should be 20-30′ above obstructions.
  • Please call the zoning department for your city!
  • Local utility must have an existing interconnection agreement

If you are out of our service area (Texas / Oklahoma) please try one of our Authorized Dealers!


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