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Pick The Perfect Solar Energy Company in Castleridge, TX

So you’ve done the research, and you’re convinced solar energy is the greenest, most economical way to power your home and are finally going to take the leap to solar energy. But when you hire someone to install a solar energy system, you’re trusting someone with an investment attached to your home that will last up to thirty years. How can you find a Castleridge, TX solar company you trust to install solar panels on your home or other property? Here are some factors to consider while making your decision:

  • Value
  • Contractors you trust
  • Strong contracts

Go for value, not just price on solar energy equipment

Any consumer looking to install solar panels in their home or business in Dallas County has an eye to the future. Solar panels are a long-term investment—they last between twenty-five and thirty years, on average. They become part of the structure of your home or business. For that reason, it’s essential to find a balance between a great price and the kind of quality that will last those thirty years. The first step to getting a great solar energy Castleridge deal: know what kind of solar panels are available. The two most commonly used on residential properties are monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline is the more efficient, but more expensive option. Polycrystalline solar panels take up more space, but cost less. If you have limited roof space or low sunlight, you may have to use monocrystalline panels. Remember that the best value for you will be the solar energy system that meets your needs, not just the cheaper option. Whatever you choose, benchmark your contractor quotes against the nationwide average: between $2.51 and $3.31, before tax credits. Aim for that price point and for reputable brands, and you’re on your way to getting great value for your dollar.

Pick a Castleridge solar company you can trust

But the equipment is only half of the equation. You’ll want a Castleridge, TX solar energy company to install your panels. If you have neighbors with solar panels, ask them about their setup—who installed it for them? Did they find the price reasonable for the value they got? Did the solar company try to educate them through their decisions and keep them informed through the process? Did they ever feel uncomfortable or pressured? Most of all, would your neighbor recommend using that company again?

But maybe you’re the first person on the block– or even in Dallas County—to install solar panels. You can still find a Castleridge solar company that’s right for you with a simple online search. The key to making this work for you is to do a little more legwork. Search for reviews online. Once you find a solar company you may want to work with, reach out to them and ask for references. Any reputable solar company will be happy to give you at least one.

Another way to verify you’re dealing with a reputable business: ask for information on the certifications your installers will have and check it against the current requirements in VarCounty County and VarStateLong. Regardless, some excellent qualifications for your contractor to have include:

  • Licensed electrician
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners licensing
  • The Solar Rating Certification Corporation licensing
  • Education from a relevant, accredited trade school or university

Remember, once again, value. The right solar power contractor will have the minimum certifications legally required in VarStateLong. What that certification represents is the expertise to install your new investment on the investment that is your home or business in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Protect your investment and yourself with a strong contract

A trustworthy solar energy company will have a standard contract they use for their work. Some people feel like a written contract is somehow mean, and a sign you think the other person is dishonest. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A contract is a way to make sure you and the contractor are on the same page about what should be done, how quickly it needs to be done, and how you’ll work out any conflict between you. Be sure to look over anything before you sign to make sure it matches whatever you verbally agreed to. Don’t ever feel pressured to sign a document on the spot. Feel free to take an unsigned contract home or even show it to a lawyer before signing.

Something to look for: a reputable solar company will have insurance. Commercial general liability insurance, also known as GCL, will protect both you and the contractor against any property damage or cost of injuries that occur during the installation process. Be sure this coverage is required in the contract. You don’t want to be found liable if anyone has an accident on your property. If you feel uncomfortable, remember an accident can happen to anyone, and you want them to have protection, too, if it does happen. This is not just for your benefit; it’s also for theirs. An ethical solar company will happily discuss all of this with you upfront—before you agree to anything and long before something goes wrong.

Rest easy

Picking a solar energy company doesn’t have to be painful. Solar energy is a long-term investment that increases your home’s value, lowers your energy bills, and leaves the planet a cleaner place. But like all investments, there is some risk. You can minimize that risk by being an informed consumer. Remember, benchmark the cost of your system versus the nation’s average and choose reputable brands. Pick the correct type of solar panel for your VarStateLong and the space you have available. If you have Castleridge neighbors who invest in solar energy, ask for recommendations on brands and contractors. Check potential energy company workers’ licensing to ensure it meets both VarStateLong standards and your personal comfort level. And always be sure your solar company provides you a contract with the prices you agreed to and insurance included. Follow those steps, and you can rest easy that even if something does go wrong, you’ve protected yourself, your family, and your new investment.

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