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Solar Power Generation in South Dallas, TX

Solar power, unique among all other types of energy, is the one type consumers can create on their own roof or in their backyard. But what should someone know before deciding on whether to commit to South Dallas solar power generation in their own home or business? But first, before we jump in, a little background.

Solar power has been the fastest-growing source of energy globally for several years running. In 2016, renewable accounted for two-thirds of all new power added to power grids, and solar was the most significant source among them. Renewables now produce more energy than natural gas and are quickly catching up to coal. Solar power generation is the fastest-growing kind of energy precisely because it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and takes advantage of the biggest source of power we have in the entire solar system—the sun.

So, is solar power right for you? Whether solar power is suitable for a given consumer is a complex question, but it can be broken down into a few easy factors:

  • Budget and expectations
  • Location
  • Finding the right South Dallas solar company to work with

What are your goals?

Before you make the huge decision to invest in solar energy generation, take a minute to consider your goals. Do you want to save the planet and don’t care much about your wallet? Do you want to raise your property value and lower your energy costs? Do you want to sell power back to the grid (if that’s available to you in Dallas County)? Deciding what’s important to you will help you decide whether solar power generation is the right choice for you. Not only that, but it’ll help shape your budget and how much you need to generate. By having a clear idea of what you want before you approach a local South Dallas solar company, you come to the table a more informed consumer, and you’re less vulnerable to upselling or ending up with less (or more!) than what you wanted.

Next, take a minute to consider your budget. How much can you spend? Is it worth taking out a home equity loan? Be sure to remember that the federal government has generous tax subsidies for solar power generation.

Location, Location, Location

Now that you’ve thought about why you want solar panels, you can decide if what you want is feasible within your budget. Not all regions of the country or climates are cost-efficient for solar panels. The ideal location will have four hours or more of peak sun hours per day. That said, even if South Dallas receives less sunlight than that, installing solar panels can still significantly reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills. If you’re considering investing in solar energy generation for your home or business, look up South Dallas’s peak sun hours as part of your preliminary research.

While solar panels are more durable than ever, locations with frequent hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes may not be best suited for them. Heavy snowfall multiple times a year may also make solar power generation impractical.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the best location for a solar panel is on a south-facing roof, unobstructed by trees or the shadow of other buildings. Just like solar panels may still be beneficial with less-than-ideal peak sun hours, solar power generation on a less-than-ideal roof can still have benefits. However, a consumer who simply wants to save the planet or is okay with only supplementing their power usage with solar energy may be less concerned about this factor.

Solar panels also need space. A small roof isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it may mean you need more efficient (but more expensive) monocrystalline panels to make the best use of the space you do have. If you have more space, you can take advantage of less costly polycrystalline solar energy generation.

Finally, be mindful that if you rent the building where you live or work, you may not have permission (or, if you do have permission, you may not wish to spend the money) to improve the building with solar panels.

If you have any questions about your location and solar power generation in South Dallas, you can also contact Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc at . There, you can speak to an expert from a solar company South Dallas trusts who can help your decision-making process.

Finding the right South Dallas solar company to work with

But all of this is theoretical until you can find an experienced, trustworthy solar company to install your solar system. Some quick tips: ask neighbors who have solar panels if they’re happy with their solar power company. Look up reviews. Or, look up a South Dallas solar company and ask them for a recommendation from a prior customer. Once you’ve found a solar company you might want to work with, make sure they have all the licenses required in Texas and Dallas County. Be sure they have insurance and that they’re willing to put everything in writing. And again, since this can be a confusing process, feel free to reach out to contact Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc at to speak to an expert with any questions you might have.

Your solar power generation future

So here’s an easy summary of what you should consider: Solar power is the fastest-growing type of new energy construction because it’s low cost and an excellent investment. Whether you want to save money, make money, increase the value of your home, or save the planet, solar power generation may be a perfect fit for your goals. Remember to keep those goals in mind when making a budget and assessing the virtues and limitations of your location for solar energy generation. Most customers will be happiest with their solar panels if they live in a place with more than four hours of peak sun hours and if they have a large, south-facing roof available. Check the hours of peak sun available in Dallas County. Finally, all your plans can fall apart if you don’t pick the right solar company to install your investment. Feel free to contact Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc at at any part of your decision-making process to get expert input.

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