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Author: Charles Crumpley

Celina Texas Solar Panel Installations have began as the cost of solar panels have dropped over 80 percent. In the last two years we have seen a boom in solar panel installations in Texas as homes owner convert their utility bills into HIGH yielding zero risk investments. The local power company is Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative and they offer their customers net-metering. This is a billing method that allows you to bank energy credits during the day that can be consumed later at night. Nearly every location in Celina Texas is perfect for a solar panel installation.


The Solar Panel Installation program in Celina, Texas by Aztec Renewable Energy is catching on quickly. We now have a strong local presence as we just moved to Celina, Texas. We plan on making significant investments into the community and seek local employees in the area. We offer 20 year zero down financing and the savings can pay the loan payment and put money in your pocket!

Adding more value to the real estate market in the region is the project of Aztec Renewable Energy, which involves installation of Utility Grade solar power panels for domestic and commercial use. The installation is carried out with utmost professionalism and impeccable process. This gives an edge to the residential and commercial real estate project.

The renewable energy project offers high technology and high performance equipment and resources. The latest equipment makes the project highly efficient, providing best in class output and performance. The whole paraphernalia is installed by professional labour and manpower, who are highly proficient in their job.

All electrical work is performed by licensed electricians

Does Solar Energy REALLY Work?

  • Increased Property Value
  • Clean Energy for the next 30-50 years
  • Cash in your pocket
  • Fixed Cost of Power that’s not subject to Price Increases
  • Convert Utility Bill into high Yielding Investment
  • No Risk Investment compared to the Stock Market
  • High Rate of Return and Return on Investment

Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc.

Solar Panel Installation & Solar Energy Celina Texas



Evaluating the potential home solar panel performance of individual properties can be calculate with many variables. While some installation conditions may seem more preferable, it’s important to evaluate the entire system design and overall performance of the system. If you’re looking for some quick math on just annual average sun hours, check out our solar power calculator


Why Choose Aztec Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is key to our low carbon future, reduces cancer cases, birth defects as well as diversifying our energy sources.


Aztec Wind & Solar Power

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Celina, Texas Booming growth

celina texas booming

It is estimated that the population of Celina is set to grow to around 35,000 by 2020 in comparison with the current figures of about 10,000. The growth in population would be accommodated in new high quality homes that are being built by seven housing developments across Celina.

Currently there are around 3400 active water meters in Celina and based on this forecast, about 10,166 housing units are already being added. Additional 11,462 units of houses would be added in the second phase. Celina is set to witness a real estate boom, which does not happen every day on the great land of America!


Aztec Renewable Energy Texas A Pioneer

aztec renewable energy texas pioneer professional installation

The customers have an option to select from amongst the best of the equipment, which is offered at the best price and the products are covered with warranty. The customer satisfaction that comes with the equipment is outstanding and this is because of the wide experience that the business has. The business is not a start-up and knows its work very well. This is one of the reasons that the business is enjoying constant A+ business ratings.

Presently the business is serving more than 1100 customers across the region and the customer satisfaction is reflected by its outstanding reviews online.


Premium Equipment Selection

premium equipment selection

Aztec Renewable Energy leverages our industry knowledge and buying power for Celina Texas Solar Panel Installations as we negotiation with distributors and manufactures from around the world. We seek to provide the absolute best price and performance for our customers.

  • Actual Verification with Panel Flash Test
  • Utility Grade Cell Efficiency
  • 0 + 3 Positive Tolerance
  • 30 Year Performance Warranty
  • Excellent Performance under Low Light
  • Top Ranking PTC Rating (Real World Performance)
  • 100% Certified Testing on the Modules


Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

  • A+ Business rating
  • Not a start up
  • 1100 customers
  • Great online reviews


Grayson County Electric

grayson county electric

The rural electric utility cooperative was initiated in Van Alstyne, Texas in 1937 and provides electric and telephone services including internet facility through its unregulated subsidiaries. The area covered by the cooperative is growing by the day and the locations, including Celina, Texas are embedded on Google maps for better communication and ease in finding. So, electricity and internet connectivity is not an issue for the real estate market in Celina, which is another edge for the region.


Professional Solar Design


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Why Choose Aztec Renewable Energy?

The founder of Aztec is the 1999 Renewable Energy Pioneer. He helped transform city building codes, fought power companies and WON! His first installation was on November 2007 and now has installations in nearly every county in Texas. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc has an A+ BBB Rating and 5 Star Reviews! Most importantly, we are NOT an Internet Marketing Company or Sales Organization that's collecting and selling your information while breaking Texas State Law. Aztec License TECL 29509.


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Aztec Certified Solar Installations – Guaranteed Warranty Protection – Licensed Solar Panel Installers

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