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Solar Panel Installation Garland Texas

by Charles Crumpley
Garland Texas Residential Solar Panel Installations has taken off and are currently under construction. Garland Power and Light ( GP&L) solar power incentive program offers a utility bill credit of $3.00 per watt for a solar panel installation no smaller than 1 KW in size. All solar panel installations in Garland Texas are limited to $5,000.00 of solar incentive money .

The Solar Panel Installation program in Garland Texas ends September 30th, 2014 or when the budget is exhausted which ever comes first. We offer 20 year zero down financing! Texas “Required” Solar Panel Installation Advertising License: TECL#26875

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What does it mean to be BBB Accredited?

Program Requirements:

1. Contractor License displayed on all online ad’s, business cards and contracts

2. Garland Power and Light Requires Electrical Contractors. Download Program Details



 Consumer Alert: General Contractors, Solar Installer Directories and Online Marketing companies (mostly form Arizona and California) advertising in Texas without displaying an Electrical Contractors License are in violation of Texas State Law. The Texas Attorney General has been asked to investigate these companies for consumer fraud . General Contractors can not promote electrical installations, as they can avoid accountability, used unlicensed installers and provide little or no margin for installer warranty. Marketing companies are usually in the business of running up the adverting cost of local companies while selling your information to the highest bidder. Most of them are willing to sell your Solar Panel Installation Garland Texas information to unlicensed, unqualified and inexperienced installers.


Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. will provide you with; Shading Analysis, Custom AutoCAD Design, Project Estimate, Finance Options, Estimated Payments and Projected Cash Flow Analysis.

  1. Step One: Solar Panel Installation Garland Texas How much does it cost?
  2. Step Two: Schedule your FREE 1 hour remote site evaluation with our solar professionals. Credit score must be over 650 (no credit check – we trust you).
  3. Step Three: Contact our Solar Power Finance experts for pre approval and options. Available 20-Year Terms, Zero Down, up to 40K.
  4. Step Four: Face-to-face contract review and agreement

Solar Power finance options are designed to put money in your pocket every month with zero down! If you do not know your credit score, please verify prior to scheduling professional services. Free Credit Check There are many government web sites, online tools, phone APP’s, and education material for those just getting started.

Does Solar Energy REALLY Work?

  • Increased Property Value
  • Clean Energy for the next 25-40 years
  • Cash in your pocket every month!
  • Fixed cost of power (not subject to price increases)

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