Partner Sales Proposal Request

The Sales Process…

  1. Schedule Site Survey and Solar Overview
  2. Create a hand drawing (rectangle) with North indication and X for meter location. Side of house or utility pole. Collect Required Photo’s (very important)!
  3. Using your PowerPoint – Describe Aztec (1999 Texas Pioneer, first install November 2007 and has been installing solar exclusively for over 12 years), Products (Premium Solar Panels & Enphase Micro Inverters), Benefits (Rate of Return and home improvement), and Sales Process.
  4. Using your cheat sheet, discuss system sizes and prices
  5. Explain that every roof performs differently and the sheet reflects best possible scenarios for South facing roofs. If the prospect has East/ West Roofs.  Share the performance matching the estimated average electric bill, but share the price for the next larger system.  East / West produce about 12 Percent less power than South.
  6. Explain that our Aztec Designer will create an actual capacity/performance drawing, and an accurate estimate based on actual roof conditions.
  7. Schedule a return visit with the proposal loaded on your Ipad.
  8.  Acquire Ipad Signature and then explain the construction process.
  9.  Email Signed Proposal to Aztec
  10. Aztec will contact the customer and verify everything went well and get them approved for financing.
  11. After credit approval, Aztec will send the contract via DocuSign and loan for electronic signature.

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