We do not distribute or install small home wind turbines ( 1.8 KW- 20 KW wind turbine /3.7-9 meter blade diameter). The small wind turbine market trend is over and has now moved to solar panel for home use. Todays wind turbine market are larger, grid-tied systems.

Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. recommends people looking for a wind turbine design of 3, 5, 10 & 20 KW, to consider solar power. As wind turbine experts and pioneers, we highly recommend utility grade solar panels that produce the same monthly KWH for about 60% less cost and nearly no maintenance. We are dedicated to eliminating your electric bill while saving you money on your wind turbine or solar array purchase. Our team of renewable energy experts can save you money by evaluating your electric usage, home design, energy performance, and renewable energy site.

Aztec renewable energy would wind turbines with advanced variable pitch blades (same as utility grade wind turbines) enabling it to produce safe and useable energy at nearly any wind speed. This type of turbine design can survive wind speeds of up to 123-134 MPH. The primary advantages of variable vs. fixed blade systems are: higher energy production, faster start-up in low wind speeds, less noise, less structural stress under high winds, and continued energy production compared to fixed blade systems that incorporate side furling. This is when the entire turbine structure is angled away from the wind and physically falls back into position, creating a stall and loss of energy production. In addition, fixed blade systems excessively use electronic speed protection causing the system to turn off during wind gusts.

Utility grade designed wind turbines are specifically designed to capture more wind energy at lower wind speeds. These turbines are the results of many years dedicated to research and development.

Renewable energy is the key to our low-carbon future, as well as diversifying our energy resources.

Today, utility grade wind power continues to grow as a profitable and effective energy resource. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc is at the heart of this energy revolution and supports homeowners, businesses and organizations around the world to become independent, green energy producers.