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Energy from Wind in Addison, TX

Energy from wind which is also known as wind energy, is a form of solar energy. The wind is caused by three primary occurrences; the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, variations in the earth’s surface, and the rotation of the earth. Energy from wind is harnessed by the use of a wind turbine which converts the kinetic energy into electricity.

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the United States and the world, which is because of the many advantages energy from wind offers.

Advantages of Energy from wind

Clean source of fuel

Wind energy is a clean source of energy that does not produce atmospheric emissions that cause greenhouse gases, acid rain, and smog, unlike fossil fuels. Energy from wind does not pollute the atmosphere with nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxide, and other harmful gases that are deleterious to our health, environment, and economy.

Sustainable form of energy

Wind power is a sustainable source of electricity production, unlike some other sources of electricity production. As long as there is always going to be sunshine and wind flow, then there will always be energy that can be harnessed and converted into electricity.

The source of wind power is inexhaustible, and improving technology means that efficiency and production will improve and get better.


Wind power is a cost-effective energy source. With a free energy source, land-based wind turbines are one of the lowest-priced electricity on the planet, costing 1-2 cents per kilowatt=hour after the production tax credit, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Electricity from wind farms is sold at a fixed price over a long period (20 years and above), and fuel (wind) is free. This helps to ensure that there is no uncertainty of a sudden hike in the price of electricity.

Job creation

The wind energy sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, with more than 10,000 workers and a projection of about 600,000 jobs by 2050 in design, manufacturing, installation, support services, and maintenance.

Domestic source of energy

Wind power is a domestic source of energy, with the wind being a limitless resource. The wind is always readily available and can be harnessed in different areas, including local rural areas, urban, suburban and industrial areas.

Land efficiency

Harnessing the energy of winds is done using a wind turbine. Land-based wind turbines are constructed on wind sites. Farmers and ranchers can also use a wind site for work without affecting the other, ensuring the efficient maximization of land use.

The harnessing and utilization of wind Power in Addison are on the rise. There is just one company within Addison, TX, Dallas you can trust to provide you with the best quality, lowest market prices, and professional services; Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc.

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Best Market Quality and Prices

All customers want to have the best quality in goods and services and while this is great, getting quality at the lowest prices affordable to all range of customers is not always possible. In most cases, customers have to choose between quality and price and if you have ever had to go through that, then worry no more because we at Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc have a solution to that.

Our early penetration and volume have transformed us into one of the largest solar power designers and solar panel installers in Dallas. We use our buying power to avoid local distribution, damaged shipment, and purchase directly from U.S manufacturers with quality control agreements and insurance.

We offer the best quality and performance available in the market, with our products having a 15-20% higher performance and zero (0) solar panel MFG defects at the best prices available anywhere in the market.

We are proud to install clean energy systems that lower utility bills for new and existing clients every day!


The founder of Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc is the 1999 renewable energy pioneer with his first installation in November 2007. Since then, we have been at the forefront of providing clean energy solutions and have installations in nearly every county in Dallas.

We are a statewide solar panel installer with expertise in solar design, product acquisition, and high-volume installation. We do not experience quality control challenges like some low-volume part-time or investor-owned installers.

We have an A+ BBB rating and 5-star review, and most importantly, we are not a marketing company or sales organization that’s collecting and selling your information while breaking TX laws.

We are experts with real experience and have gained insight into the technology, companies, governments, part-time, and incentives that help provide top-tier renewable energy sources to our clients.

Professional and Licensed

Within Addison, TX, Dallas, we are the best company to offer wind power solutions. We are fully compliant with building codes and only use licensed personnel to complete all jobs and ensure that it is completed in a workmanship manner.

Our personnel are professionally trained and continue to undergo training to keep up to date with industry best practices and standards.

If you are looking for marketing ethics, proper insurance, and professional installation, Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc is the best company to contact.

Customer Support

We have customer support available to our customers 24/7 to attend to all their needs. We are open to help our customers in the best way we can whenever they require us.

We value our customers and operate a feedback system where clients can give us feedback on products and services and ways we can improve to continue to serve them better.

We integrate our customers’ feedback into our working model to ensure that we are constantly on track with our non-negotiable goal of providing 100% quality delivery to our customers.

Have you decided to make the switch to 100% renewable energy sources? Do you reside within Addison, TX, Dallas? Then please do reach out to us and contact us on or visit our website at to get a free quote from us today.

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