Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate

Oncor Solar Rebate

Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate program for solar homes |Solar Panel Installation Texas

Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate program for solar homes provides incentives to Service Providers who install solar photovoltaic systems on homes located in Oncor’s service area. The incentive helps offset the initial cost of installing the system on a consumer’s home. Solar Panel Installations has taken off and are currently under construction. Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate program offers two methods to calculate the incentive payment for a solar photovoltaic system:

Oncor Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Deemed Savings Method

The Deemed Savings method provides predetermined Peak Demand and Energy Savings amounts for solar photovoltaic system installations where the solar array azimuth is within +/- 20 degrees of south and the tilt angle is between 0 (horizontal) and latitude +15 degrees. The Deemed Savings method has been approved by the PUCT and can be located in the State Technical Reference Manual Version 1.0, Volume 3, Section 2.7.  The Deemed Savings Values of Energy and Demand are as follows:
Deemed Energy Savings (kWh) = 1,600 * kW DCSTC installed
Deemed Demand Savings (kW) = 0.83 * kW DCSTC installed

Oncor Solar Rebate PVWatts Method

The PVWatts Version 1 method provides Peak Demand and Energy Savings amounts for
solar photovoltaic system installations where the solar array azimuth is not within +/- 20
degrees of south or the tilt angle is not between 0 (horizontal) and latitude +15 degrees.

Incentives are calculated based on the installed solar PV system. The maximum residential system size allowed in the program  is 10 kW dc installed.   Commercial customer solar PV systems are capped at 20% of the commercial incentive budget. The Oncor Solar Rebate Installation program in Dallas Texas ends September 30th, 2014 or when the budget is exhausted which ever comes first. 


​If you’re thinking about moving to Texas, chances are Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate Service has you covered. The Oncor Solar Rebate Service covers 402 cities across 91 counties, making up nearly one-third of the state’s geographic area.

Oncor Solar Rebate Service Areas by City

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Oncor Solar Rebate Service Areas by County

Oncor solar photovoltaic rebate Service Areas

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Oncor Solar Rebate

Dallas Texas Solar Power

Program Requirements:

  • Electrical Contractor License displayed on all online ad’s, business cards and contracts




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