Solar Power Installation College Station TX (866) 933-6344 – Aztec Renewable Energy

Solar Power Installation College Station TX (866) 933-6344 – Aztec Renewable Energy

Call (866) 933-6344 in College Station, TX for the conscientious and superbly trained solar professionals and excellent solar panel products by the area’s most knowledgeable renewable energy company. Who are we? We are Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. the most trusted name in solar power. As a local solar power company our  wind power and solar energy knowledge and very low prices have made us known as the go-to solar company. We pride ourselves on being the premier and affordable solar power company that installs solar power systems locally. Our clients say we are  super dependable as well as professional company of Solar Power Installation College Station Texas and Oklahoma.

Aztec Renewable Energy helped launch the solar industry  in the College Station Texas and Oklahoma area by making available  renewable energy to all the local homeowners or small/large business owners. Why? By purchasing huge amounts of solar panels and solar power systems, and then  passing the wonderful savings on to you our loyal consumer. We have facilitated huge changes to the way local power companies do business because our solar and wind installation techniques are the most respected in the business and we keep our solar installation and solar products costs down. Our company meets continuously with local government officials and local entities to create significant local ordinances that allow wind & solar installations to be affordable and accessible in the Great State of Texas and beyond. We provide reliable and expert solar services including solar design, solar and wind electrical contracting, solar and wind system installation and sales of U.L Certified Solar Panels that we will be able to ship all over the globe.

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As an Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. customer the solar power unit installed in your home or business becomes real equity that really makes a huge difference when you pay your utility bill. Aztec offers a 10 year manufacturer’s equipment warranty as well as a reliable 25 year MFG solar panel performance guarantee. Our 5 year Aztec renewable energy limited warranty is considered one of the best in the solar and wind business. Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. will come to your local office groups or fraternal organizations to share our solar knowledge so you can really understand the value and methods used in renewable energy. As local solar installers we have a no lower price guarantee and will always  beat the price of any licensed electrical contractor or solar contractor that you find. Our license is TECL #29509 and our expert and experienced installers and technicians as well as our solar/wind knowledge will help you know why solar energy is here to stay and something we should all be considering.  At Aztec we will answer your concerns and you’ll never feel like we are speaking a foreign language.


We have the solar industry’s proper licensing needed for solar power systems installation and all the completed work is guaranteed by Aztec Renewable Energy. We offer great credit options and can provide 100% financing with zero down payment. Our cutting edge solar designs and installation are done by wonderfully trained and courteous solar specialists who will make you completely happy  with our solar/wind sales, service and products. We use only the best quality U/L rated products and all of our very superbly trained repair and installation staff are courteous and dedicated specialists you have ever worked with. We have seen other solar companies in the area come and go, but you will be glad to know that Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc. has been here for 15 plus years. We have the most up-to-date solar information and cutting edge equipment so our customers know they have the latest technology in the renewable energy industry. Solar rebates are available and will help save you significant amounts of money when you do your taxes. Our unbeatable solar panel prices and equipment are the most reliable in the industry. You will be happy to know  how truly affordable solar power can be for your home or business.

Whether you are a  local business or homeowner, we can answer all concerns and questions about prices, energy savings and how important renewable energy is to the local economy and ecology as well as to our children in the future.




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